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Since 2021, we have been working to introduce unique real estate concepts and developments to the market

Premium Factor is driven by a vision to do things differently. We focus on identifying market gaps and addressing the challenges faced in the high-end real estate spaces.

Our approach is simply based on practicality and finding solutions that solve real problems, rather than creating hype that ultimately falls flat. We remain open to new possibilities that fuel innovation in our work.

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Based on our intelligent planning and selection process, we are confident that this commercial project is a great investment opportunity.


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Discover a new level of financial growth with Premium Factor’s unique and innovative investment opportunities in high-end commercial real estate projects.
Our team of experienced professionals are committed to delivering world-class real estate projects, working closely with you to tailor solutions that meet your investment goals.

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This premium location is teasing untapped potential for elite investors and brands alike. Established brands such as Chaye Khana, Burning Brownie, and more have already recognized its value and are adding up to make it the perfect location.



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